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Only 5 minutes drive from the ring road.


Story and Art Exhibition about the turmoils of 13th century Iceland: The exhibition gives insight into the tumultuous 13th century Iceland, focusing on the story of the Sturlungar clan chieftain Thordur kakali. The art exhibition is the fruit of on-site work by 14 artists from 10 countries, uniquely portraying the events of the era. Audio guides are available in several languages.

The Staging of the Battle of Haugsnes (The Stone Army) - large scale outdoor installation: The bloodiest battle in the history of Iceland is undoubtedly the Battle of Haugsnes, April 19th 1246, which claimed 111 lives. The battle occurred during times of great turmoil in 13th century Iceland, as told by the Sturlunga Saga. The owner of Kakalaskáli and history enthusiast, Sigurður Hansen, has arranged 1320 rocks, a total of 600 tons, each representing a warrior on the fateful morning of the battle, moments before the two feuding clans clashed. Those who died in battle and the following days are marked with crosses.


María's Workshop and Antiques Shop: Situated at Kakalaskáli and open during the same hours.


Open from 1-5 pm every day except Monday from the 1st of June until the 31st of August 2024. Also open by appointment.

Entrance for Story and Art Exhibition:

3000 IKR

2500 IKR - seniors

Free - children younger than 12

Entrance for The Staging of the Battle of Haugsnes:


Please call +354 6708822 for further information or fill in the contact form.

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